Dental Local SEO

Integrating Industry uniqueness to better market specific targeted audience.

Why do Dentist need SEO?

Controlling where your dentist office and the individual doctors appear on the search engines and what appears about your Dental practice is paramount in the web 2.0 world. It is very easy for a couple of upset patients or even your competition to damage your business by posting derogatory information about your practice.
Our Dental SEO focuses on Two main area of concern

Moving your Dental office website up the search engines for your local searches about your medical specialty or practice

Making sure that information you want to show up about your practice appears before the information that you don’t want to see online

Our approach is proven to work and we have doctors and medical practices benefiting from our advanced SEO techniques everyday.
What Service do you get with local Dentist Office SEO?

An Internet Marketing Startegy Tailored to your practice
Advanced SEO Techniques for Dentist
Reputation Management for you and your medical staff
Submission of your expertise articles (if you have any, if you don’t we will guide you to develop them)
Assist you to Leverage all the resources available to you through your organizations and professional affiliations
Google Local Account configured and optimized (google and yahoo maps)
Bing Local setup and optimization