Android Native APPs

Google’s Android leads all other mobile platforms in market share. Of the millions of smartphones in the United States, 28% use Android compared to the 25% that use Apple’s iOS. While the Apple App Store receives more attention, it is important to remember that Android has its own loyal following. Since the price point is lower than Apple for most Android devices, the operating system is equally as powerful, and innovators are drawn to the less restrictive ecosystem, we expect the popularity of Android to continue to grow for both business and consumer apps.

Greener Elements has deep expertise in Android app development and Android app design. Our team has been working with Android mobile apps since the platform was introduced in 2007. If your idea includes using advanced Android features such as 3D motion processing, native audio and mixable audio effects, native graphics management, or access to multiple cameras, we can help you take full advantage of these features on the devices that support them.

The large variety of Android devices on the market presents a unique challenge for app development. Your customers may have a modern Android phone with a large touchscreen running the latest version of Android, or they may have a device that hasn’t been upgraded for several years. At Noble, our engineers can create an app that works well on across the entire range of Android devices, regardless of screen size or hardware capability. We can even retrofit modern Android design elements to work on much older phones.

Whether designing and developing an application for both Apple’s iOS and Android, or developing for either platform independently, Noble Applications is your partner in bringing your idea to life.